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Asema Electronics is an IT specialist that develops high-end Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the efficient and fair use of resources. Flat, fast-paced, and fun to work at, we are conveniently located in Espoo, right next to the Niittykumpu metro station.

We’ve recently released our IoT software suite, simply called "Asema IoT" and are now looking for the team to take it out to the world.

Open positions

Applying for and getting a job at Asema Electronics.

Interested? Here's how to proceed and the rest of the fine print.

Like so many other companies, we also have a certain process for recruiting people. The purpose of the process is to give all applicants an equal opportunity to apply and to find those candidates that match our needs and culture.

Our process is probably similar to others you have seen and may differ in some respects. In those parts where it differs... well, it is supposed to differ. After all, we sell ourselves as something special to our clients. And to be special, it it probably a good idea to start with the people we have.

So, how to apply? First, forget the traditional application letter + CV format. We don't want you to copy paste your resume and try to invent yet another set of reasons why you are "enthusiastic and excited about working in the company" or "highly motivated at looking for new opportunities".

Blah, blah and so on. Yes, it is probably nice to have an enthusiastic people. But we'd rather just like to see you enjoy your job. That most likely produces the right results anyways.

We're engineers at heart and like to disect issues into smaller pieces. The pieces in this case are that we're basically looking for people who are motivated, have the correct experience, know what they do, and get along with their working mates. Simple and unsurprising, really.

Four straighforward things. And true to our style, we do a four stage process. One stage for each topic. Unsurprising. Still. Here are the stages:

  1. Showing your interest. At the end of each job description, there is a link to a short task. It won't take long but should be sufficient to prevent from just randomly applying to everything. This way we'll know that you actually have the motivation.
  2. Submitting an application. If you do the task properly, you'll get instructions on how to submit your resume, portfolio or similar. As said above, we don't want yet another application letter, just a brief list of things you've done in the past. Based on this we'll know your experience.
  3. Proving your skills.We read the resume and if it looks good, will contact you to discuss the details of an actual recruiting test. This part will actually test your skills in the job you are applying to. From that we'll see whether you actually know what you are doing.
  4. Getting to know each other. Based on the results of the test, we'll invite candidates for a visit at our office. You'll see the place, meet the current team and have a chat. Then you and we will know whether you fit the culture.

And if so, welcome to the team.


Where is the job located at?
Our main office is in Espoo, at the Otaniemi campus. You should expect to spend most of your office time there.
Is there a deadline for the applications?
That will depend on the job. Please see the job description of a particular job for details. It is advisable to apply early though because if we do find a super candidate to hire before the deadline closes, we will hire that candidate.
If I'm not selected, can I ask for feedback why?
Of course. Once you've properly submitted your application, you'll get contact details on where to send all your enquiries concerning the process.
Can I work as a freelancer / consultant?
In some cases yes. This will depend on the job description and is usually something to be discussed at the end of the recruiting process.
Can I work from abroad or another city?
This is heavily dependent on the job description. We do have people working remotely in one way or the other. The jobs don't necessarily require relocation.
Is it mandatory to answer the question in the application form correctly before I can submit an application?
Yup, it is.
But I find these tests a bit challenging. Can I skip them?
Our task is to offer challenging and inspiring work with like-minded professionals. The application process is a part of testing whether you enjoy challenging yourself a bit. So no, you can't skip them.
I found an email address at another recruiting site for contacting Asema's recruiting. Can I send my application letter to that?
I think I found an error or a bug in the application form or test. Can I report it somewhere?
If there is an error, we apologise and will fix it immediately after we hear about it. Please send all error reports to Try to be as specific as possible in describing the error and how you encountered it.
Aha! Now I have another email address. Can I send my application to that?
Still a no. That bug reporting email address is read by a bald, grumpy sysadmin. He'll probably just send it to /dev/null and let out a large fart to celebrate the process.
I went to the employment office and they said I should apply for jobs by just sending my application letter. Can't I do that?
Go back to the employment office and tell them that these are high tech jobs. It is unlikely you'll get one by "just sending an application letter".
What is your working culture like?
Friendly, informal, flexible, results oriented, and often bluntly straightforward. Then again, we're engineers so what else would you expect really. We respect professionalism and assume that you yourself is the expert in knowing what the the best way and method for you to get the job done. We like to say that at Asema you don't get a job position, you get a membership. And we do enjoy the occasional fart joke every now and then, in case you did not notice.
Haha... You really had fun writing these questions didn't you?
Admittedly yes. But that is an important part of the culture here. While the work is challenging, we do want to offer an environment where people can find some humor in their days and a supportive smile when needed. The technology is already strict enough on us and causes us to pull some hairs every now and then. Let's not do that with people.